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07 February

10:00 hrs
a 6:00 hrs

The National Museum of Art invites to the first delivery of Enjambre / Swarm: "When the world becomes violent, art turns abstract", a program of videoart and films by artists. 


This is an international research developed by independent curator Gabriel Mestre that addreses the exchange of resistance strategies among artists, curators and thinkers located in 16 countries, working under different conditions of emergency and having declared their own positions facing danger and imminent alienation in the context of a mysterious new global order raising. 

Artists: Peter Welz - Ibrahim Quraishi - Flo Kasearu -Michael Würtz Overbeck - Julien Boullion - David Ferrando Giraut - Irene de Andrés - Lehman Brothers - Javier Toscano presenta Archivo VICO (Rodrigo Ramos) - Mathias & Mathias - Vegan Cannibal - Néstor Quiñones and Lucia Hinojosa.



Auditorium Best Maugard

From 12 am to 6 pm

6 hours with some presentations of artists

Free entrance