Museo Nacional de Arte


Otto Dix

Violence and passion

11 de Oct 2016 - 15 de Jan 2017

The Museo Nacional de Arte presents, for the first time in Mexico City, an exhibition of the essential creation periods of Otto Dix (1891-1969), an artist who captured the historical reality of a conflictive period in Germany, in which the vast thematic and expressive development of a character that was active for more than 60 years is visible. Thanks to the curatorial work of Ulrike Lorenz, a specialist on Otto Dix and current director of the German museum Kunsthalle Mannheim, the exhibition shows more than 160 works in 7 thematic sections that explore the most representative events about war, violence, and passion. Thus, the precepts that formulated the artistic impulse of Dix in his search of the representation of immediate and coarse reality, resulting from the wild nature of the human being, are analyzed.