Museo Nacional de Arte



04 de Apr 2017 - 09 de Jul 2017

This exhibition proposes a review of the different ways in which melancholy was represented in the arts, mainly in the plastic produced in Mexico between the end of the 16th century and the beginning of the 21st century. This exhibition allows us to reflect on the way in which affection and human passions have been symbolized in the viceregal, modern and current art.

Divided into four sections, this exhibition provides different theoretical perspectives to be able to appreciate the works of various artistic periods and assess the emotional charge that suggests both the themes represented in them, as well as the plastic resources with which they were captured. Thus, we present 130 artistic works that reconstruct the distinct ways in which melancholy, as a classic motif in the history of art, was represented in Mexican art and, at the same time, enabled emotional approaches to discomfort and melancholy wit.